Wednesday, November 18, 2020

My Experience

 I didn't plan on sharing this, because even for me this is personal. But there is a reason that I feel I need to.

I had a pretty substantial surgery last Thursday, one that under normal circumstances would call for one to two nights in the hospital for observation and pain management. Instead, the time from when my surgery started to when I was discharged was just under twenty-four hours. I was thankfully doing well and knew that I would have Don by my side. 

The people I was worried about when I left that hospital were the nurses and hospital staff. The safety protocols had the nurses wearing PPE that looked like gas masks, and any non RN staff had to come in in a paper gown, mask and face shield. I was taken really good care of, but I could tell that the staff was being stretched thin. 

The reason that my stay was so short is the reason you are hearing about on the news every day. The hospitals are full. They aren't kidding. If you are going to have any kind of emergency right now, be prepared for an imperfect response to that emergency because there are very few hospital beds left. I stayed in recovery for several hours because there was no place to take me.

The sad part about this is, if people weren't so bent out of shape about wearing a mask to protect their fellow citizens, the majority of all of this could have been avoided. GET OVER YOUR EGOS and do the right thing. Cover your face, stay home! Please.

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