Thursday, April 11, 2013

Patient or Patience?

*Written with Janey's permission
**Terrible cell phone quality photos

Contact Information for Mom
Luther Hospital, Room  4121, 715-838-3414
Eau Claire, WI

I decided to put the update on my Mom (usually referred to as Janey) on my personal blog.
It gives me the option to expand on information, and the option for people to read it if they want to, or not. If you don't want to read the technical stuff and just want to read about a prank my silly Mom pulled on a nurse, head to the bottom. I will put it there. So, here is what we know today. 

We have to learn to be very patient. Yep, that's what we have to learn. The doctor made his visit this  morning, and there has been very little change in Mom's INR since she was admitted to the hospital on Monday. An INR in layman's terms references the clotting tendency of blood, taking in to consideration the use of warfarin dosage, liver damage, and vitamin K status. Mom's level is 1.1. It was at 1 when she was admitted to the hospital, and it needs to get up to a minimum of 2 before they will even consider letting her go home. In 2010 when she had pulmonary embolisms in both of her lungs, it was eleven days before she reached that level. This time there are "only" clots in her left lung, so maybe it will only be ten days? We're thinking positive!

She had an echocardiogram done to check the condition of her heart, and there were no negative results. We were really glad to hear that. The doctor's concern was that she may have a small hole in her heart that was allowing clots to pass through. Don't quote me on that one. We got so much information on how the clots can travel through the body that my brain was hurting by the time he left! I can definitely see why it is SO important that people have someone with them to have a second set of ears when listening to results, making major medical decisions or getting information on how to take multiple medications.

Also, when a body is under stress, it has a big affect on diabetes. This happened the last time also, so the hospital staff is working with mom to try to get that regulated again. She feels like a pin cushion! Her blood is tested before every meal, at bedtime and for whatever other tests they need during the day. 

On the bright side, she is in wonderful spirits. She is a tough lady who doesn't like to be laid up, so she is definitely getting stir crazy, but she's very thankful that she recognized the signs  of the embolism much sooner, and went to the clinic. She said she had to do something to get me to come home and visit her. Ohhhh Mom......

Carsten (her adorable boyfriend) got pretty tired out from all of the stress of the situation, as well as staying overnight at the hospital with mom the first night. They had brought a cot in to mom's room so he could get some "rest", but the nurses were in constantly drawing blood and checking on her, and some times when they came in they would actually have to fold up his cot and take it out of the room. Carsten is 88, and even though he is no where near that age in his own mind, his body gets tired. So, on Tuesday night I took him home for some rest. He decided it would be best to stay home for a couple days and get back on his feet. Carsten has congestive heart failure, so it's extra important for him to take care of himself. I picked up a reading light for him to use in the hospital. He thought that was pretty awesome. :) I think he is adorable. 

So, as for what my Mom did to that poor nurse:

I needed to use the restroom, so we decided we would go for a walk together down the hall. Just as we were going to leave, mom got a phone call. I told her I would be right back. In typical Janey style, she didn't wait for me. She headed down the hall looking for me. 

She's walking down the hall with her IV pole, hooked up to all kinds of tubes, and she's sort of near the elevator area. A nurse went walking by her, and Mom looked at her with a perfectly straight face and said "I'm going home". Amazingly, this nurse just kept on walking. Seriously! 

I headed back to Mom's room and found her out in the hallway. I asked her if she still wanted to go for a walk and she said "absolutely". So we're walking down the hall and she starts telling me this story. We both laughed so hard that we couldn't even walk. My mom...

Later in the evening her Heparin drip had run out. Apparently it's such an awful medication that it needs to be signed by two RNs, so Mom's nurse called for a nurse to come in and co-sign with her. Anyone want to guess which nurse came walking in? Yep. The nurse that probably thought my Mom had escaped from the Psychiatric floor. Amazingly, she still didn't say anything! She must be a nurse in her own world. 

Have a safe evening everyone. Don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them. It's never too early. <3