Sunday, June 30, 2013

Have I Lost It? Hmmm....

I have been spending so many weekends alone this year because my back has kept me from traveling. Just ask my husband. He has spent just as many weekends alone at the lake. I don't feel completely bad for him, because most weekends he has enjoyed the company of our amazing friends that we have at the lake, but I know that he would like to have me by his side. I am usually the loud to his quiet, the slightly naughty to his well behaved, definitely the duster to his non-duster. And although he seems to have been able to hold his own, he's lonesome too. I can just imagine the divorce rumors that have been floating around from those people that don't know us that well. Oy!

So, in my boredom I decided it was time to make some new friends. I swear that I have watched every single show that Comcast has to offer. If I have to watch another CSI rerun I am going to scream! So today I was just laying here with my headphones on listening to music with my eyes closed imagining that I was at a great summer concert. Here's where you can decide that my being cooped up is truly making me lose my mind. I swear, no narcotics have been handed out yet. I am looking so forward to that day! The countdown has begun. 25 days and counting.

Anyway, I have three glorious ice packs that have been serving me well, and I have decided to name them. Yep. If they are going to be my weekend company, then I might as well look forward to seeing them and greet them like the old reliables that they are. Please don't call anyone. I know how ridiculous this is.

Ice pack #1 has to be Bruno Mars. I have to believe that if he was sitting here on the bed serenading me about how he "SHOULD have brought me flowers and held my hand, and taken me to EVERY party because all I wanted to do was dance", I would be feeling a heck of a lot better right now. Yep. Sing it Bruno.

Ice pack #2 has to be PINK, without question. She would have to be the best girlfriend to party with EVER. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to dance and sing with her! I love everything that PINK stands for. If she called me right now and asked me to come over for a swim and a long island iced tea, I would so go! That girl is fierce. I swear there isn't anything her voice can't do.

And Ice Pack #3 has to be Adam Levine. If you have to ask why, you are not a female. OMG! This wasn't my image of choice, but I wanted to keep it PG-13. lol!

And there you have it. It only took me fifty years to officially lose it. I'm off to enjoy Ice Pack #1. Later.