Tuesday, August 9, 2011

City Mouse....Country Mouse???

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I have found lately that I am a little bit city and a little bit country. It's times like this that I wish there really were a parallel universe going on at the same time, and I could just jump between them whenever I wanted to without having to drive for two hours!! Or, that I could merge my two worlds in to one. I love them both. And for you science lovers out there, I'm not saying that there aren't parallel universes out there, I just haven't personally seen them.

The country house (lake) offers incredible peace and quiet, warm friends (freaking amazing) and a life without a schedule. We see a lot of our family and friends at the lake that we don't get to see in the city, which can be a little crazy sometimes, but it's always a good thing. And, Brutus, our Golden Lab is beside himself giddy at the lake. He runs from the lake to the woods to his purple plastic pool (not always sure why) and back to the lake. He is so incredibly happy. He gets his little bum in trouble sometimes when he can't control his urge to go after chipmunks, and that always makes me feel bad, but for the most part his life is great! I never feel bad for him, it's always the recipient on the end of his naughtiness that I feel bad for. I have always gotten really embarrassed when one of my own does something naughty that hurts or offends someone else.

The city offers amazing diversity (which has always meant so much to me), great walking paths (we can't walk at the lake in the summer because of the deer flies) and I get to see Don every day. I love having all of the shopping I need just five minutes away, and pizza delivery and great Chinese food!

If I could just figure out how to merge the two. I don't think that the Lai Inn and Pizza Hut want to move out in the boonies with me!!

I guess that for the time being I will just be incredibly thankful that I am lucky enough to get to enjoy both. And, if you have little ones at home, I highly recommend this book. It's adorable. :)

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  1. we love this story!! we were actually talking about it tonight...how weird is that? i do understand what you mean. i would like to live in a more secluded area, but still want the conveniences of our area now....