Sunday, June 26, 2011

Done Being Crabby.....Whew

So after a nice long weekend alone, I am done being so crabby. I didn't get all of the work done at home that I had hoped, but that would have been a pretty big task. I did manage to get almost caught up on my ironing, which quite frankly, if it wasn't for Pink and Sara Bareilles I would never do it. They have very different musical styles, but I love love love them both!!

I also got through a HUGE paper pile. I shredded and recycled two large brown paper bags worth of "stuff" that wasn't really needed anymore. That decluttered my brain right there. When I have things laying around, and I don't really know exactly what is in the pile, it starts to get me down. I need to tackle my closet too, but I think I will save that one for a rainy or snowy day when I feel like cozying in and letting some soup cook on the stove. Something about having soup simmering all day makes me want to tackle a project like that.

The other great thing about the weekend is that I got to snuggle with my three girls. Two of the cats will tolerate Brutus, but my little Bernice will only come and snuggle when he is gone. It's kind of funny, because she knows the instant that he is out the door, whether it's to go to the lake, or just to go for a walk with Dad. She comes running and demands to be in my lap. If my laptop is sitting on my lap, she will sit right on it. I was sending messages back and forth with my heart daughter Laura from Wales last week, and Bernice had come in to the room and planted her little bottom on my computer. I didn't even realize that she was sending out messages until I looked up and saw a message from Laura saying "What???" I guess a bunch of random numbers and letters didn't make any sense to her. It was pretty funny.

So anyway, I'm a little sorry about the rant in my last post, but I am sure that all of you out there in the blogosphere understand. We kind of seem to be like one big "inexpensive" therapy session at times.

Until next time, have a good one!

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