Sunday, July 24, 2011

When You Don't Have Clothes.....Your Friends Sure Do Come Through!

The cooler needed a floaty too. :D

Yesterday Don and I were invited to an awesome pontoon party at our friends house, which is on a sweet little lake about a half a mile down from ours. Our "usual" group was all going to be there, and it was proving to be a beautiful, hot day. We had had a little rain, but Don said the radar was clear. I had my swim suit on with a sundress over it, and figured that since it was a boat party, with dinner on the patio afterward, I didn't need to bring extra clothes. Well, I was the only one thinking that!!

We floated out on the water for a couple hours, and in the water, and then the black clouds moved in. When the first rumble of thunder let loose, we decided it was probably time to get out of the water. It was still plenty warm outside, and honestly, by the time we got everything up to the patio it was only a light sprinkle of a rain. Everyone changed in to their dry clothes, but the humidity seemed to be keeping my suit and sundress just as wet as it was when I got out of the water.

Que the girlfriends. My friend Mary and her husband had driven their pontoon home so they could change and drive back to the party. When she came back, she came with pants and a shirt for me. I am considerably taller and bigger than Mary, and I dreaded even beginning to try them on, but she swore they would fit. Mary has recently lost a pretty fair amount of weight, and she has some clothes that no longer fit her. So off I went, and believe it or not, they actually fit. How often can you even go in to a store and find pants that fit?? For me, practically never! Problem was, I still didn't have any underclothes, so I was pretty self conscious about that. Well, our friends Sandy and Russ decided to drive their pontoon boat home and drive back too before it got too dark, and here comes Sandy with a bra. Again, we hadn't talked about it, and the chances of someone elses bra fitting are slim, but in the house I went. It was perfect. I felt SOOOO much better!!

Girlfriends are amazing. :)

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